Charitable Contributions

Charitable Contributions

We believe in helping the communities around our stores.  To this end, Big Picture Framing provides free gift certificates for fund raising to any valid charity or cause.

In addition, we give daycare centers and schools scrap framing materials for crafts and projects–good for children and the environment! Just go into one of our stores and ask.

Give to our communities

My name is Maria and I am the director of the Arts & Smarts program.  I just wanted to express to you, owners, how amazingly kind and thoughtful your employees are. 

I came in for advice about matting and they were fabulous.  Then I called on a different occasion and asked if they would save the extra scrap matting for my art school and they were more than gracious.  They said they donate to whoever needs it. 

I run a small program and try to reach as many children as I can in neighboring communities.  It helps so much to have such great materials to work with.

I wrote on your web site what a generous and thoughtful company you have.  I am also going to advertise your store in my brochure.

Thank you so much for enabling me to give to our community.